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Why a Book About Suffering?

About 4 months ago I was diagnosed with a brain tumor that I go into a great deal about in the book. About a

month after surgery, I started to get an idea. A nudge. I come up with ideas all the time. Most of them are bad and my wife and friends don't mind telling me so. You see, this is not the first major hardship that has hit our family nor will it be the last.

I was, like many people, pursuing something that would never satisfy. Success. Whatever that is. A picture of my life that proved to others around me that I had what it took. I had conquered the world. So many of us are attempting to have it all and when/if we get it, it leaves a bitter taste in our mouths.

About a year ago, I set off to write "something" (I was scared to call it a book, since it was so short ) about success. What the Bible teaches that it really is and what we are pursuing. Not that I am an expert. I have never ran a billion dollar company or swam the english channel or something. I felt it coming in my head all the same and I saw the desires of myself and others.

Then I got a brain tumor that didn't make sense.

I have experienced the biggest suffering yet in my life and yet I know it doesn't compare with the suffering that people have experienced. There it was again. A nudge that I should write something. Something about success. Yet it had changed. So much that I had learned in the Bible was made very real

by this experience and I knew that real success was found in suffering because suffering can lead to Jesus.

I wrote "Success in Suffering" partly as a therapeutic exercise to write down my thoughts but also to provide hope to those that are or know someone in pain. I hope this short resource provides real hope in the midst of what seems like the end.



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